Do PHP objects use getters and setters internally?

July 26th, 2011

Warning: This post is 12 years old. Some of this information may be out of date.

I just came across something that made me wonder wether a PHP object uses the magic __get() and __set() methods inside the object itself.  I wrote the following code to test:

class Test {
        public function __construct()
            $this->name = 'Andrew';

        public function __get($name) {
                echo '__get: ' . $name . "\n";

        public function __set($name, $value) {
                echo '__set: ' . $name . ', ' . $value . "\n";

$name = new Test();
$name->name = 'Amy';

echo $name->name;

Here's the output:

andrew@adele:~$ php check_getters.php
__set: name, Andrew
__set: name, Amy
__get: name

Answer: Yes they do!