Posted by Andrew McCombe on Wed Nov 23, 2016

Inspired by Marc Jenkins’ blog post, in turn inspired by Derek Sivers’ page at, here’s what I’m currently working on:

At work:

  • Attended Mage Titans Conference in Manchester on Sat 12th November 2016 – write up here.
  • Migrating legacy sites to cloud hosting.
  • Maintaining a body of legacy websites.
  • Developing on Magento 1 projects.
  • Learning Magento 2
  • Planning on taking a Magento Certified Developer exam soon. Passed the Magento Certified Developer exam!

At Home:

  • Teaching my son to read and write.
  • Garden and House maintenance.
  • Recording and digitally cleaning my vinyl record collection. This is an ongoing endeavour.
  • Side project 1: API-based single page app (SPA) using Vue.js & Laravel
  • Side project 2: Site security project written with Laravel and node.js