Introducing Hit The Ground: Laravel Edition

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By Andrew McCombe
July 26, 2016

For a long time I've gone through the process of having ideas and starting to develop them, and then getting bogged down. Setting up a framework, creating registration and login forms, admin areas, and database migrations really sucked the soul of the creative processes. I rarely got to the part where I'd get to try my actual ideas out (I have a ~/Projects/ directory full of unrealised ideas).

I had the idea a while ago of creating a basic starter app containing the boilerplate code needed to get started. The problem was that I switch between frameworks quite a bit and so whatever I created may not have suited the next project.

Then Laravel came along and made things a lot easier. I still needed to create some of the functionality, so I thought about creating a basic project that I could utilise and 'hit the ground running'. So here it is, my Laravel Starter App – Hit the Ground Laravel Edition.

Screenshot: Hit The Ground Admin

The project is quite basic at the moment. The front-end consists of a template with registration and log-in forms. It also has the option of registering/logging in using Google, Facebook, or Github.

Users can belong to one of three roles: Root, Administrator and Guest. Root and Admin users can access the admin area of the site which has the functionality to administer to the users. The admin area itself utilises the excellent AdminLTE theme created by Abdullah Almasaeed.

The project is my first real open-source release and you can check out the code, fork, submit pull requests or report bugs on the Github Repository