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By Andrew McCombe
March 30, 2013

Formula one is the pinnacle of motorport. We know the cars are fast and the pace of development is relentless, but when it comes to performance how do the teams websites compare? We took the homepage for all the teams en tered into the official 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship and measured their performance using the gtmetrix website. The results are fascinating. As the results are all relative there can't be a single winner. For example, Ferrari ( has a higher page-weight (in mb) than the Marussia team ( and also have more requests, so it wouldn't be fair to compare them like for like. The measurements were taken using the GTMetrix website on the evening of the 26th March 2013.

Highest Pagespeed and YSlow average

Winner: Lotus

Lowest Score: Marussia

The Lotus Racing team ( came out with the highest scores on GTMetrix with a Google Pagespeed score of 94% and a YSlow score of 83%. Marussia get the lowest scores (Pagespeed 52%, YSlow 70%) despite having a low number of requests (47), the lowest page weight (837kb) AND using NGinx as their web server. The graph below shows the average across Pagespeed and YSlow. F1 Teams Average of Pagespeed and YSlow scores

Fastest Load Time

Winner: McLaren

Slowest: Ferrari

This time round McLaren ( take the chequered flag with a page load time of 2.64 seconds. The McLaren site isn't too heavy either, only 75 requests in total and a page weight of 1.96mb. Rackspace is used for CDN duties helping towards providing this great load time Ferrari on the other hand are the slowest with a very poor 10.26 seconds. Their site is a WordPress site and all assets are served from the main domain name. With a page weight of 3.24mb and 136 requests the Ferrari site could definitely do with some attention. F1 Teams fastest load times

Page Weight

Smallest: Marussia

Biggest: Ferrari

Marussia win the Page Weight battle with a respectable 387kb. Ferrari on the other hand weigh in at 3.24mb. F1 Teams Website Page Weight

Number of Requests

Smallest: Marussia

Largest: Force India

The number of requests per site varies wildly across the teams with Marussia coming in at 47 and Force India ( showing as 212 requests. F1 Teams Website Number of Requests

The Results

Team PageSpeed (%) YSlow (%) Load Speed (Secs) Page Weight (MB) Num Requests
Red Bull 72% 59% 3.32 1.93 175
Ferrari 61% 65% 10.26 3.24 136
McLaren 81% 77% 2.64 1.96 75
Mercedes 75% 65% 7.27 2.47 184
Williams 78% 61% 3.92 2.54 108
Sauber 69% 80% 3.96 1.65 70
Torro Rosso 71% 66% 3.81 2.42 189
Force India 71% 65% 7.17 2.92 212
Lotus 94% 83% 4.72 1.51 98
Caterham 79% 66% 3.19 1.07 108
Marussia 52% 70% 3.21 0.83 47