A collection of articles and snippets I've collected over the years.

Drawing an Arc in Imagick

June 19, 2009

Here's how to draw an arc using PHP Imagick Produces:

Zend_Cache to cache an object

June 18, 2009

Here's how to cache an object using Zend_Cache: Note: The reason that "automatic_serialization" is set to false and then I manually serialize and unserialize is that...

Creative Zen and Rhythmbox (and Banshee)

June 8, 2009

I've never liked using Rhythmbox (Gnome's default music player) as I found previous versions to be slow, buggy and crashed a lot.  I'm trying to keep my system as close as possible to the default...

Upload files with ncftpput

May 18, 2009

ncftp is a great set of command line ftp utilities.  It supports a fully fledged FTP client as well as utilities for putting, fetching and batching files. Here's how to use ncftpput to upload a...