My Current Podcasts

Posted by Andrew McCombe on Sun Aug 30, 2015

Like many web professionals, I listen to a lot of podcasts when I have the time. They generally fall into two categories which cover my interests; tech and music, and so I thought I’d list my current podcasts in case anyone else found them interesting.

Tech/ Web development based podcasts

Full Stack Radio

full stack radio
A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

The Laravel Podcast

The laravel podcast

The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. The podcast is hosted by Matt Stauffer and regular guests include Taylor Otwell (the creator of Laravel) and Jeffrey Way (the creator of Laracasts).

The Changelog

The Changelog is a member supported blog, weekly newsletter and podcast that covers the intersection of software development and open source. It was launched in November of 2009.

I like The Changelog because the subject changes from podcast to podcast and helps keep me aware of other technologies.

Mage Talk

Mage Talk is a Magento-based podcast created by Kalen Jordan and Phillip Jackson. It discusses recent developments in the Magento world and features interviews with people or companies involved with Magento.

Javascript Jabber

Although I’m not primarily a Javascript developer I do enjoy working with it. Javascript Jabber podcast mainly features interviews with Javascript related people and companies.

The PHP Roundtable

The PHP Roundtable is a podcast of web developers discussing PHP, JavaScript, community, open source, and anything else PHP nerds care about. It is broadcast live from Google Hangouts On-Air.

Unfinished Business

Hosted by Andrew Clarke, Unfinished Business is a podcast based around web design. Frequent interviews and off-topic ramblings (do you have a favorite mug?) make this a fun but informative listen.

Music based podcasts

WeFunk Radio

As an avid Hip-Hop and Funk junkie, WeFunk hits the spot. One of the longest running online radio shows and podcasts, Professor Groove and DJ Static provide two hours of tunes from their huge catalog. I’ve been listening to WeFunk for 10+ years.

Hospital Records

Get upfront drum and bass on your mp3 player, hosted by Mr Hospital himself, London Elektricity. Expect interviews, live features from Hospitality and L.E. on the road, dubs straight out of Tony’s box, and all the latest news from the Label!

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio

For the Hip-Hop heads. Containing the latest releases and interviews with those involved in ‘real’ Hip-Hop.

Podcast Software

Player Fm

I use to manage my podcast subscriptions. The reason I chose it is because it works in the browser as well as an app for my phone.