Amazon Kindle white screen of death/crash issue (and how to fix it)

Amazon Kindle white screen of death crash

Christmas this year (2010) yielded a lovely surprise in the form of a new Amazon Kindle and I am very pleased with it.  The quality of the screen is excellent and the gadget itself is very intuitive and easy to use. However, I have occasionally experiences times when loading a book or using the browser where I get a plain blank screen (the ‘Amazon Kindle white screen of death crash’).  I am presuming that this is a memory issue as it only happens on large books or on javascript heavy web sites.  If left long enough it usually resolves itself but I have had one issue that wouldn’t fix itself.

The solution was to slide the power slider and hold it for about 30 seconds until the device reset itself.  When this happens you will see the Amazon Kindle ‘Tree’ logo appear and a progress bar.  Once it has reset all will be back to normal.

If anyone has any other ideas as to why this happens or has other solutions please leave a comment.

  • kentgeordie

    My problem is different. The bottom half of my screen is normal, but the top half is fuzzy/illegible. I have reset, but that hasn’t worked.
    Any suggestions?

  • jenny

    After doing the “hold for 30 seconds” thing several times and trying the “plug your Kindle into power and hold for 30 seconds” thing several times, I had given up having my Kindle work again. Then I remembered that a few years ago the same thing happened…and it was somehow related to a problem with my power cord. When I plugged my Kindle into power with a different cord and tried the “hold for 30 seconds” thing the Kindle tree and progress bar appeared. And, after a few minutes, I was able to turn on my Kindle!nnSo, if you’re like me and the 20 second fix isn’t working, you might want to try getting a new power cord.

  • glendy

    I am completely lost without my kindle.

  • sd

    wokrs for Kindle4 as well.

    tips: make sure kindle is completely turned off – press power button for 4-5 sec

    then press it again and hold until screen statrs blinking and the Tree of Minas Tirith appears ;)

  • jonas

    not working

  • florrence

    Lifesaver – thank you so much!

  • Christy

    Thank-you so much I’ve been trying to fix the problem since yesterday, was going to give up soon and go bak to the old fashioned books!!!!

  • ginger

    BEST TIP EVER!!!!! thank you!!!!

  • Dermot

    Holy hell man, so simple but just doing it again and again until it worked, thanks so much! I’d give you three thumbs up for life but I only have two.

  • Carol

    Worked first time, many thanks as I am lost without my Kindle>

  • Babs

    If it doesn’t work on a first attempt, do not despair. It only worked on my 20th…:S

  • Thanks – so helpful I have been panicking!!!

  • Jana

    It took 3 attempts but am back up and running! Thank you!! Would be lost without my kindle (been toying with the idea of buying a back up one as mine is getting old!) and thought I’d lost it for a minute but you rescued me!

  • Kari

    Thank you sooo much!! I held the on/off button for about 60 seconds nothing happened. So i pressed the middle(select) button. and on with the tree! Thank you so much!

  • Michael

    I just passed 800 items (many are complete works) and I was faced with the dreaded white screen of death. Thanks to you, I now have my Kindle back.

  • Cuthbert McCrudbuckett

    Die Screen of Death die!!!!
    The tree appeared after two days of holding the reset button!
    My thumb is now a litlle sore, but that’s what makes this nation great.
    If only my marriage could be fixed so easily!
    LOL ;)

  • Simon

    Just come back from a week in France, my kindle ‘died’ on the plane, white screen of death :(
    Just held the power button over for 2 mins left it, and now back to normal.
    THANK YOU :)


  • kate

    Oh thanx very much it worked ………..

  • Debbi

    Thanks you are a star – what a relief I am lost without my kindle.

  • alexand rhea

    YOU ARE A GENIUS! I WOULD RISK my LIFE just for my kindle to be back to life. hahahaha.. THANKS for the TIP dude!! It really worked.I almost shouted in our school LIBRARY. ! :)

  • Bikerbabeuk

    Thought this was the end of the road for my wonderful Kindle, had been using it all the time on holiday for the last 3 weeks! your solution worked first time, many thanks……so relieved….phew!!!!

  • Julien

    My screen has been blank for two weeks but this worked a treat. Now back to Hamlet!

    Thank you!

  • richard

    Hello – thanks very much for the good advice : has worked a treat – was in Antalaya Airport Turkey – on way home and looking forward to a good read for 3/4 hrs – the airport had a free internet connection & well anyway – WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH !! have now arrived at home and found your soloution – we are back up and running – slid the on/off and held ( 2 mins ) was required & then it re-set itself. Mny Tks R.

  • felicia


    My k3 crashed after trying to download an ebook. Afterwards it took a couple of hours before I could get the screen back. But it still wasn’t normal. It forgets the last book I read, and I have to look for it to read it again. Should I say at least the screen is back? I guess so. But I’m glad for the others anyway, thanx.

  • Carson

    thanks so much!

  • Dan

    Thank you! I was freaking out and this worked!

  • David

    Thanks so much!

  • Vanessa

    Thanks so much. I was stranded abroad for a week in a country with no English language books and a kindle with a blank screen. Got home and found this in 2 minutes on a google search and sorted it. Why don’t Amazon tell us this stuff?!!!

  • Vince

    I have the half screen problem – The reset just gives me half a tree – top half still blank.
    I guess screen/ kindle is terminal ?

    • Hi. I’ve not seen that particular issue (fortunately) so can’t help you, sorry. Perhaps a call to Amazon may help?

  • Tesla

    Thank You so much I didn’t know what to do and started to flip out, by I knew there would be someone smart in the world that could fix it!

  • Laura Kenny

    OMG thank you so so much, i nearly died when i saw it blank (i had left it on a book i was reading) and panicked naturally but i held down the power button for 30 secs then pressed it once again and the loading Tree lol came back on. At first my collections came back with nothing in them, leading to further panicking, but then they all came back. Utter lifesaver you are, my work is very dull without my kindle to turn to lol! Many thanks! :D

    • john

      Thanks l almost got fed up with my kindle. It went white dead yesterday and l was getting impatient with it after downloading some books. Thanks you are of much help.

  • totally worked… thank you thank yo.

  • riz

    Thank you Andrew for your solution saved my kindle…i honestly appreciate it.

  • Marilyn

    WHEW! Appreciation for posting your solutions. Holding the power button reset the device and I didn’t have to send back my kindle. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • sandeep

    thanks dude…it worked..!! :))

  • Thomas

    I was holding it for two minutes and nothing happened then I gave up because my thumb nail was hurting :-)

    While scanning through the rest of the comments here suddenly the tree apperared!
    I guess one minute is enough, it needs some extra time after that where you don’t need to hold the slide.

    Thank you so much!
    best regards from Germany

  • KP

    Thanks so much! I was about to go into kindle withdrawal for sure….

  • Korou

    Thank you very much! I was really worried then – usually holding the power switch for about five seconds does it but nothing was happening this time – you’re a lifesaver!

  • Natasha Phillips

    Thank you so much I thought my kindle was broken you are a kindle saver :)

  • Jovy

    Whoa! It really worked! I thought I had to have it shipped back to where it came from…phew.. thanks for sharing, blessings! :D

  • MacKenzie

    THANKSS SOOOO MUCH ive already had to get my kindle replaced once b/c the screen was half in half out so i wasnt allowed to replace it this fixed it THANKS again

  • edward

    three cheers for kindle nerds
    (where i come from nerd is more of a good thing than a bad)

  • edward

    thank you so much i took my kindle to school the first day back and it froze when i tried to launch the experimental internet it froze and it wouldn’t work no matter what i did but then the screen went completely white and i was really worried but looking at this and trying it really worked and now everything is back the way it was :):):):)

  • Aileron

    Many thanks! This is the most important piece of Kindle advice on the internet. Holding for 10 seconds did nothing…went from one white screen to another white screen. Holding for 30 seconds reset the device.

  • jane

    i tried doing all that when mine went to a complete white screen and was unresponsive. but eventually got it to work…for a few mins and now it just comes and goes when it wants :( turns itself on, then off, into sleep mode then back on again, then completely white screen again. is there anything i can do to fix it?

  • Liz

    Well, I have had to hard reset mine a few times, this time, I reset it and it didn’t work, the screen is white, holding for 30 seconds did not work either :(

  • Usha

    Thank you very much ! I did not know what to do when my Kindle died ( or so I thought …) I just tried the experimental web browsing feature as my broadband connection was down , sent a mail or two , then to my surprise, it hangs and shows the white screen of death … I could search on line for help till now , when my broadband connection is restored . I did not even use my Kindle much and was dreading all the process of sending it back and asking for a replacement ( as I am based in India and bought it on line at Amazon ) . Thanks once again for saving my Kindle !
    One lesson I learnt though …
    Do not experiment with the experimental features ! Kindle may go mad and develop amnesia … They are only for the R & D and shouldn’t have been given to the customers till they are well tested in labs …


  • You just saved my life and made my day..! The white screen of death actually feels worst on Kindle than any other technology crash :-)

  • April

    I echo everyone else’s responses……thank you :)

  • Lorie

    Amazing! I tried it and , BAM!, it worked. I am thrilled! Thank you.

  • james

    dang it worked ty for posting

  • carmen

    Thanks very much this tips really works. I had to hold 30 seconds the on/off switch for multiple times and talk some sense to the unit . I thought I had to replace it but gave another try after 10 minutes ….then….voila! Kindle back in business! No more black screen!

  • Kalisi

    Thank you soooooo very much for the fix i was so afraid it was broken for good and that the person that was playing with it (he’s no longer allowed to touch it) was going to have to die a slow and gruesome death, considering that i use my kindle every single day! So I hope you feel good about saving another (dumbass) i mean human life!

  • Robby

    Thank you soooooooo much, I thought I was gonna have to pay another $114

  • Lisa

    Oh da-lolly! My kindle had this same issue. I held the power slide until the screen BLACK, then slid the kindle on and off. I sat and watched it for another whole minute and the lovely, beautiful tree appeared! Oh thank you for posting your solution!

  • Sheila

    My battery went too low and now it won’t recharge. Any suggestions for me?

    • edward

      hit it against a rock?

  • Tina

    I was panicking and thinking my Kindle had kicked the bucket for good. Thank you SO much! You saved me!!!

  • Ashley Hand

    Awesome. Worked here too! A thousand thankyous!

  • Vincent

    Thanks a ot !

  • keith

    I love the internet to google solutions and questions. I held mine for a full 60 seconds then it reset. It didn’t reset at 30 seconds. Thanks for posting this information.

  • Cynthia

    Thank you Andrew! I’ve got book club in a week and thought I wouldn’t be able to finish my book in time!

  • Anne

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought my dear Kindle was dead! I did hold the slide for 30 seconds as you recommended, and then nothing for about a minute so at first I thought my Kindle was more dead than most, but it just needed time & then went to that nice tree picture that makes me so happy! And now it is on my regular “home” menu with all of my nice books. Thank you again so much, from one bibliophile to another!

  • Jin-Su Ko

    Thanks for advice on how to reset. I got impression it show something is changed after holding 30 secs. For me, it stayed blank foe a while. Then, it started to reset after a few second.

  • Cera

    OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you soo much I almost had to take it to the Best Buy and demand a refund. You, sir, are a genius.

  • Oh Thank YOU!!!!!!!!1

  • paul

    Thank you, you are a star. Up and running again, I was at the point of arranging a replacement

  • Vix

    Woo hoo! Hysterical sobbing over. 30 seconds worked treat. All is well with my kindle.

  • Heather Nightingale

    Absolutely brilliant advice. Thank you so much. My Kindle is now back in action.

  • sarah

    God bless you. Thank you.

  • Dean

    Again thanks so much, it has happened before and a short 10 second holding it worked. Thought it was dead, but doing it for 30 seconds worked perfectly. Thought I was going to have to do battle with Amazon and hunt for receipt.
    thanks very much

  • fred

    Thanks for the advice. Mine kindle froze just as I was showing it off to coworkers. It may have cost Amazon a few customers.

  • Kelly

    Thank you so much for this! I thought my beloved Kindle was dead!

  • Caroline Watson

    Thank you thank you thank you. The simplest advice is the best!!!! There is nothing worse than sitting in a pub with the white screen of death and your Amazon kindle manual is at home. The manual did say 7 seconds for logging on and off, but 30 seconds is a long time…. but worked a treat…..

  • Mike

    Had the same thing happen on my sisters, reset worked first time. Many thanks

  • Alan

    Had the same thing happen with my wife’s Kindle 3 (purchased early Dec. 2010); she was just reading a regular book. Holding the power slider to the right eventually worked, but it took a few tries. Eventually, it reset itself after holding the power slider to the right for 10-15 sec or so.

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Diane

      Yaaaay, I tried it for 10 seconds and it did nothing… holding it for 30 seconds did the trick. Working fine noW!