Andrew McCombe

Magento Certified Website Developer

Magento Snippet: Use a Group By clause on a collection model

Here’s a Magento snippet showing how to use a Group By clause on a Magento collection model.

I’m a Magento Certified Developer!

I’m pleased to announce that I have recently passed the Magento Certified Developer exam.

Magento Custom Variables

Magento provides an interface for you to define your own custom variables. You can use these in CMS pages, static blocks, email templates and phtml templates. Here’s how to use them.

Testing Magento Email with

Have you discovered how hard it is when testing Magento email? Have you ever tried getting Magento to use a separate SMTP server to send emails? I have, and got very frustrated with it. My solution to testing magento email is to use

How to backup and restore with Magento 2

Magento 2 comes with built-in functionality to backup and restore the code, media, and database. You can choose to backup and restore code, media, or database separately. Here’s how to backup and restore with Magento 2.

Product and Breadcrumb Rich Snippets in Magento

Here’s how to add products and breadcrumb Rich Snippets in Magento.

Magento Snippet: How to set and get cookies in Magento

Here’s how to get and set cookies in Magento.

Magento Snippet: Admin grid currency type with currency symbol

Here’s a snippet for using a currency column type with the currency symbol prefix in Magento admin grids.