Andrew McCombe

Full Stack Web Developer

Feature Estimation: What is the real cost of adding a feature to a website?

When a client requests a feature, how do you provide a reasonable estimate? What do you base your estimate on. How much contingency do you add?

Install NodeJS and Bower on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise

I’m using Bower on a few projects at work to manage the JavaScript dependencies and it works perfectly for my needs. The only issue is that the websites are currently deployed on Ubuntu 12.04 and the packaged version of NodeJs is too old to install Bower.

Ignore PHP Strict Errors and Warnings

After upgrading to PHP5.4 on one of our older code-bases I’m finding the error logs full of PHP Strict Errors and warnings. As this code is old and not financially viable to fix all these issues I needed to ignore the errors and warnings.

How I use Git with Web Development

I have a few steps I usually follow when I find myself working on one of these websites so here’s how I use Git with Web Development.

Quick Tip: PHPstorm Find and Replace Regex Dollar Sign ($)

If you need to perform a Find and Replace with a Regex in PHPStorm and want to replace a dollar sign ($) you’ll need to escape it with a double slash

Fix for PHP ‘ Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …’

Whilst working on a legacy project* at work I’m getting lots of pages with the PHP warning “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …”. The warning is showing because I like to develop with error reporting turned on.

Can’t find VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO?

Can’t find the VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO? Here’s a link to the VirtualBox downloads server.

How to configure postfix to deliver all mail to one mailbox

How to configure postfix to deliver all mail to a local user account

MySQL Create Database with UTF8 Character Set Syntax

I always forget the MySQL create database with UTF8 character set syntax, so here it is.

Vagrant PHP and PuPHPet is the Dogs Bollocks!

In The Beginning… I’ve been a PHP Web Developer for a long long time and have spent many hours setting up development environments in order to practice my trade. From full blown towers running full cdrom installations of RedHat 6.2 through to a laptop running FreeBSD and then Slackware. I used to compile the LAMP […]